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Show Length: 1H 30M | Production Team: 3 | Dancers: 12 | Singers: 8 | Crew: 5

Abstract Overview:

My research investigates, producing, directing, designing and marketing a technical live performance event from conception to production.

Thesis Statement:

Through the orchestration of a multifaceted high quality production, my senior project will dissect the intersection of performance art and commercial entertainment. By comparing methods, concepts and unique needs of different genres of live presentations of theatre, dance and vocal music, dissecting the qualities and skills that elevate these demonstrations to one of spectacle is what I seek to uncover.


Through the constructing and expansion of a production highlighting many sectors of my studies, compiling a revue show of the 50’s - 60’s, Vegas, Broadway, and Motown eras, will aid in my research investigation of versatility in concept and design across these very different styles.

This revue style show, as do many presented in popular entertainment hubs of the world, encompasses facets such as: large dance numbers, singing, comedy and acting skits, elaborate costuming, props, and scenic/lighting design, all obviously crucial elements that contribute directly to the spectacle of commercial entertainment.


Artists, more so now than ever have to work to sustain their careers themselves, acting as their own boss, manager, and marketing team. Understanding how to produce ourselves is very important, whether it be as a performer of live art or a producer of visual art. Using my gathered experiences, creating a production that engages and encourages its cast to practice production skills in addition to their choreography, offers a platform structured in gaining knowledge for application after graduation in the technical production world, as well as life.

Touring Extravaganza The Show and venturing into the community and surrounding areas will offer audiences a chance to witness a variety of dance styles in one setting — with great opportunity to share the vast genres of dance and the performing arts and what all they encompass and seek to accomplish. Touring this show will also present other wonderful opportunities such as: exposure for cast members possibly looking for work, networking, the rigor of participating in pre-professional company, overall touring experience, and exposure of the great things that are constantly being cultivated here at The Ohio State University.